Chris Johnson - Game Designer

Time Machine VR – Virtual Reality Adventure

Time Machine VR

A VR-native adventure back in time to interact with prehistoric dinosaurs

Developed By: Minority Media Inc.

Engine/Framework: Unreal Engine 4

Platform: PC, Playstation VR

Type: 3D Single Player First-Person Adventure


I was hired at Minority Media as an intern in January of 2015. While there, I worked on two different VR projects: Cali, and Time Machine VR. Time Machine VR had been in development for several months before I came aboard, and once I arrived I was quickly brought up to speed on the game’s development.

My role as a designer at Minority Media was to prototype mechanics for Time Machine VR. I worked with Vander Caballero, creative director/co-founder, and Patrick Harris, lead designer. Together, we would discuss our ideas for player abilities and mechanics for the game. When we found an idea we liked, I would be tasked with making a prototype of it for testing. The prototype needed to functionally demonstrate the mechanic we had conceived, but it had to be built as quickly as possible, so that it could be either iterated upon or rejected.


During my time at Minority Media, all of my work was focused on designing for virtual reality. Because of the unique way that input and output works when using a VR head-mounted display, many traditional design considerations and best practices are rendered irrelevant, and a new doctrine of design must be created. Because VR is such a new field, much of this doctrine had to be learned personally through experimentation. To help understand and design for VR, I researched the subject thoroughly, and created documents such as the one below to aid in the design process of the game.


For more information on my experience at Minority Media, visit my post about the subject here.

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